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View the court lists published by NSW courts and tribunals

​Each court with the exception of the NSW Children's Court publishes a daily schedule of cases called a court list.

Use the court lists to find the time and place of your court appearance or to find out what is happening in the courtrooms on a particular date. View and confirm listing information about specific cases currently before the court.

You can check the information in the searchable Online court list or download PDF versions of the court lists published by particular courts or tribunals.

Online court list

You can search for cases heard in the Local, District, Supreme and Coroner's Courts in the online court list.

Type in search criteria and find court listing details, including:

  • the time the case is listed
  • the courtroom where the case will be heard
  • the name of the judge or magistrate

Searches can be done by name, case number, location, date, court, jurisdiction, the title of the presiding officer and the type of listing.

Regular updates

The online court list is updated several times a day. It lists cases two weeks in advance, allowing lawyers and others involved in court cases to keep track of when they need to go to court and better plan their work.

Check before going to court

You might already know the date and time of your court appearance. However, because of the dynamic nature of court proceedings, you are encouraged to check the online court list the night before, or on the morning of the court hearing. Last-minute list changes can occur as a result of a case being settled, or as a consequence of trials lasting for shorter or longer periods than expected.

Printed court lists - PDF versions

Different courts and tribunals also publish printed court lists. PDF versions are uploaded daily to the jurisdiction websites.

Used in the courtroom, these printed court lists show matters listed for tomorrow. They are updated at 3.30 pm each day.

Some lists include additional information, used by legal professionals, such as the names of the specialist case management lists into which cases have been allocated and available dates for certain types of hearings.

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