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Have you received a Notice of Inclusion

A Notice of Inclusion is sent to inform you that your name is now on the jury roll.

What it means

The jury roll is a list of names of people, randomly selected by computer, from the NSW Electoral Roll. Anyone registered as a voter in New South Wales can be included on the jury roll and called up for jury service.

Receiving a Notice of Inclusion is the first step in the process of jury selection. If you have been sent a Notice of Inclusion, it means that during the next 12 months you may receive a jury summons to go to court.

The jury summons is a written notice that is posted to you.

How to respond

In most cases you do not need to respond to the Notice of Inclusion.

However you may log on to if you need to:

  • advise the sheriff of a change in your personal details, such as a change of name or address
  • Add in your banking details
  • request that your name be removed from the jury roll because you are excluded (not eligible) or are exempt from jury service.

Log on to JUROR

Are you exempt or excluded from performing jury service?

The major categories of people who are exempt or excluded from jury service are laid down in legislation. For details, read Who can and cannot serve.   

If you find that you are exempt or excluded, please log on to or fill out  the form on the back of your Notice of Inclusion. Attach copies of supporting documents and send the notice (or a copy) back to the Office of the Sheriff.

You have 21 days to apply for exemption. If your application is declined, you may still have the option to re-apply.

In some cases, applications are declined due to a lack of supporting documentation. If you want more information, including reasons why your application was declined, please contact the call centre on 1300 722 574.

You also have the right to lodge an appeal with the local court.

What if you have booked a business trip or holiday?

If you have booked a business trip or holiday in the next 12 months, you have several options. These are

  • Provide copies of relevant travel documents if and when you receive a jury summons. You do not have to provide details of your travel before your get a summons.
  • If a jury summons arrives while you are away, the person collecting your mail may write in on your behalf, with supporting documentation or a statutory declaration. 
  • If you are summoned while away, you can provide a copy of your travel documents with your summons when you return.
  • You can also advise us of your pre booked trips by logging on to and fill out the 'Inconvenient Dates' section.

Contact us

To discuss your jury service options, call the Juror Information Line on 1300 722 574  (Office hours only)

Last updated:

12 Mar 2020

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