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Payment for jury service

If you are selected as a juror, you will get paid an allowance. This is intended to reduce any financial hardship you may incur by serving as a juror. 

The allowance is not intended to be equal to your normal wage or salary payment. 

The amount you are paid depends on the length of the trial and whether you are currently employed or not employed. People who are not employed include carers, stay at home parents, retirees and unemployed people.

Current daily rate for jury service allowance

Days of trial Daily rate Employment status
Days 1-10 $106.30 a day 
All jurors
Days 11 to trial end $247.40 a day
Jurors who are employed
Days 11 to trial end $106.30 a day    Jurors who are not employed

If you attend for half a day on the first day, no allowance is payable.

All public servants are paid by their agencies whilst they are completing jury service and are not entitled to a jury payment.

As a juror you are also paid a travel allowance, calculated on the distance from your postcode to the courthouse at 30.7 cents per kilometre.

Jury allowance payment details

Jury allowance payments are made weekly by electronic funds transfers to your nominated bank account. Please log onto and enter your bank account details prior to your court attendance.

If you have not received a payment, or you have any questions about payment, you should advise the court officer or sheriff's staff attending to your jury panel. 

As payments are processed mid-week it may appear that you are missing one or more day's payment in your first EFT payment. You will find that these days will be paid, in the following weeks' payment. 

If you ask to be excused, no allowance is payable regardless of the time you are excused, as you are not making yourself available for jury service.


Last updated:

17 Mar 2020

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