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Who can and cannot serve

You do not need any special skills to serve as a juror. Most registered New South Wales voters over the age of 18 can serve as jurors. Whether you are a professor or a plumber, a shop assistant or a scientist, a retiree or a restaurant owner, you can serve as a juror.

Who cannot serve

There are two categories of people who cannot do jury service. They are those who are excluded from the jury roll and those who are exempt from jury service.


People may be excluded from the jury roll because they:

  • hold particular high public office, such as Governor-General or Members of the Executive Committee; or are employed in certain public sector roles.
    For details, see Excluded due to public office
  • have a criminal conviction; are serving a term of imprisonment or detention; have lost a driver's licence or are undischarged bankrupts. Depending on the offence they may be excluded for life or a set period of time.
    For details, see Excluded after an offence.


People may be exempt or have a right to claim exemption from jury service because of their employment. Those who can apply for exemption include doctors, dentists, clergy and emergency workers.
For details see Exempt from jury service.

Let the Office of the Sheriff know if you fall into any of these categories. 

Last updated:

08 May 2023

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