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Excluded due to public office or occupation

People are excluded from the jury roll and jury service while holding specific high state or commonwealth office or while holding particular public sector roles related to the courts or justice systems.

Those excluded from the jury roll include:

  • Governor of New South Wales
  • judicial officers as defined under the Judicial Officers Act, 1986
  • coroners
  • members or officers of the Executive Council
  • members of the Legislative Council or Legislative Assembly
  • public sector employees involved in law enforcement, criminal investigation, providing legal services in criminal cases, and justice or penal administration (except on a casual or voluntary basis)
  • the NSW Ombudsman and Deputy Ombudsman
  • crown prosecutors, public defenders, directors or deputy directors of public prosecutions or solicitors for public prosecutions, solicitors general, crown advocates or crown solicitors
  • Australian Lawyers (whether or not an Australian legal practitioner)
  • the NSW Police Force
  • the NSW Crime Commission
  • the Australian Crime Commission
  • the Police Integrity Commission
  • the Independent Commission Against Corruption

Under the Federal Jury Exemption Act 1965, people holding the following positions are 'not liable' to serve as jurors:

  • Governor‑General
  • members of the Federal Executive Council
  • justices of the High Court and of the courts created by the Parliament
  • senators
  • members of the House of Representatives
  • members of Fair Work Australia
  • members and special members of the Australian Federal Police
  • members of the Defence Force, other than members of the Reserves
  • members of the Reserves who are in continuous full-time service

If you fall into one of these categories, please advise the sheriff's office as soon as possible.

Last updated:

24 Feb 2020

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