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Online court is an online forum that enables judicial officers and legal representatives in a case to exchange written messages about NSW Supreme, District or Local Court matters, instead of attending court to have the same exchange in person.

Online court is only available to legal practitioners who are representatives in a case, and their nominated support staff.

If you are a legal practitioner (or a delegated representative of a legal practitioner) and you have already registered for online court, click on the 'Login to Online Court' button above and enter your user ID and password. 

Which cases are suitable?

In the Supreme and District Court, only some uncontested civil law matters are suitable for online court. A judge has to select a matter for online court, and invite legal representatives to participate. Online court matters are typically orders about court dates and when documents need to be filed.

In the local court, online court is currently only available for preliminary committal matters for strictly indictable offences being prosecuted by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions at the Downing Centre. The defendant must be legally represented. A magistrate may authorise an online court where the prosecution and defence legal representatives agree to its use. 

How to register

If you have not already registered for online court, go to the home page of the NSW Online Registry Website

You should also read and become familiar with the following laws and protocols before you start using online court.

For Supreme and District Court matters:

Last updated:

03 Dec 2023

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