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Feedback and complaints

You can give feedback and complaints to the Department of Justice about:

  • the quality of service you have received from a staff member
  • the conduct of a staff member
  • a decision made by a business centre of the department
  • a policy or procedure of the department

Find out more about how to give feedback and complaints.

Note that the department can not:

  • review a decision made by a court of tribunal
  • investigate the conduct of a judge or magistrate
  • deal with complaints about legal practitioners
  • handle complaints about the law

If you would like to make a complaint about any of these matters, please see the information below.

Complaints about court decisions

If you wish to complain about a court decision or have it reviewed, you will need to make a formal application to the court concerned. This is done by filing a Notice of Motion or appealing the decision to a higher court. If you need a referral to a lawyer or other legal information and assistance, contact LawAccess NSW. Phone: 1300 888 529.

Complaints about judicial officers

If you have serious concerns about the ability or behaviour of a judge or other judicial officer, you should contact the Judicial Commission of NSW. Phone: 02 9299 4421.

Complaints about legal practitioners

Enquiries should be directed to the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner. Phone: 02 9377 1800 or toll free 1800 242 958.

Complaints about the law

If you wish to complain about the law, you can raise your concerns about legislation with your local Member of Parliament or the Attorney General. Only parliament can amend legislation.

Last updated:

03 Dec 2023

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