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Legal practitioners may apply for access to the Law Courts Library's collection on a "user pays" basis, in accordance with the Library rules (PDF, 110.2 KB) Please note that access for legal practitioners does not include borrowing rights, research assistance or access to the library’s online subscription databases.

To visit the library to use its resources, you will need to complete an application for an Access Card. The Access Card enables you to enter the secure floor which houses the Law Courts Library, and to browse/copy items from the collection.

Access is available for one day, one month, or on a financial year basis.

Access card Access card application form Fee (GST incl)
Financial year Application form (DOCX, 28.6 KB) $920.20
Month Application form (DOCX, 30.4 KB) $201.35
Day Application form (DOCX, 29.3 KB) $92.95

If you lose your card, please make a written request for a replacement. There is a $92.95 fee to replace a lost card.


The Law Courts Library primarily serves judicial officers of NSW courts. Legal practitioners may browse the collection and photocopy relevant materials after being granted access, however borrowing rights are not included. 

Document supply service


From 1 July 2023, the Library offers the following document supply service for unreported judgments:

Item Fee

$71 (GST exempt)

The fee for supplying a judgment is set out in the Civil Procedure Regulation 2017 (NSW) Sch 1, Pt 5, item 6.

To request an unreported judgment, please send an email with the following information:                

  • contact details
  • Judgment details: party names, court, judge (for single judge decisions), date

Payment must be made in advance. When a request is made, Library staff will confirm that the item can be supplied and then issue an invoice.

Last updated:

11 Mar 2024

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