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Alternative dispute resolution
Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Other types of dispute resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution Directorate
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Going to court

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Online Court
Roles in court
Witnesses and evidence
Security in court
Who's who in court
After the court has decided

Jury service

Information for jurors
Summoned for jury service?
Payment for jury service
How a jury is selected
Who can and cannot serve
Excluded after an offence
Exempt from jury service
Jury trial and verdict
Support after the trial


Forms and fees
Criminal hearings and trials
Sentencing, orders and judgments
Guide to bail
Judgments and decisions
Transcripts forms and fees
Law Courts Library
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History of the Law Courts Library
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Law reports online
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Rare books
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Services for library communities
Services for legal professionals
Services for members of the public

NSW Sheriff's Office

About the NSW Sheriff’s Office
Contact the NSW Sheriff’s Office
Civil Enforcement
Sheriff's forms and fees
Creditor portal

Legal resources

Court lists
Law courts library

Online services

Online Court
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